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Fresh Commodity Produce from Green Light

Green Light Fresh is a grower and shipper of commodity, retail, and specialty produce from the West Coast. With multi-generational growers and an industry-leading food safety program, our cilantro, green onions, parsley, and other produce items are quality and fresh. 

Green Light is Sold exclusively through Fresh Avenue


Green Light is your place for commodity and specialty produce like cilantro, parsley, green onions, and more! Grown on the West Coast with multi-generational farming families, we know what it takes to grow and ship the very best.


Green Light is also a specialty and premier produce line to carry in your retail store with all the same expertise, care, and support that our customers have grown to expect with our commodity line.


We know finding the right produce is only the beginning, so we support our product with in-market support and add-on logistics programs.

Fresh Produce with a Side of Logistics

We know produce doesn’t stop at finding the right grower, in fact it’s only the beginning. That is why we have a dedicated logistics team that can help you with delivered programs and consolidation.


Watch Green Light Harvested, Packed, and Shipped!

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