With leeks, there’s a better way…

I want to try leek sticks!

With the demands that come from foodservice, you don’t need to be bogged down with extra trimming. That’s why we’ve done that for you.

Save Time

Without the additional step of removing the leek’s top, what will you do with your newfound time?

Save Shipping

By removing the top prior to shipping, the space and costs go towards the leek and nothing else.

Save Space

Leek sticks keep a small footprint in you cooler, which we know is prime real-estate for your fresh items.

Save the Environment

Our farmer uses all the extras in compost making things more sustainable, just the way mother nature intended it.

See exactly how you can save with the stick!

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Our farmer knows leeks. End of story.

They took the time to learn exactly how to grow a leek. What you get is a leek stick with little dirt in the folds and a signature white stalk that we all know means quality. That is part of Green Light’s commitment to find the farmers that grow the safest and best produce in the industry so you can go for fresh.

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